Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Visit by Maktab Sains Paduca Seri Begawan Sultan (Brunei)

Dear S2-01,

25 students and 6 teachers from Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan (Brunei) will visit our school tomorrow.
Maktab Sains is one of the top Secondary schools in Brunei, offers the O Level and A level curriculum. They offer a 6 year programme starting from Sec 1 (Year 1) to JC2 (Year 6). They follow the Singapore curriculum as well.
The 25 students will be hosted by the students who went to Brunei on the GCP trip last November. Our class have three students went to Brunei last year, they are Ahbi, Qian Hui and Ishani , so they will become buddies of 2 students. They are Melvin See and Siti Nurhaziqah. They will have lessons and recess together with us. They will also attend the CCA Fair later in the afternoon.

Please Warmly Welcome them and let them have a memorable experience!

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