Monday, 20 February 2012

20/2/12 homework

History: Paul's Wheel of Reasoning

Maths: Test about the recent two worksheets on Linear graphs.

ADMT: Whatever you have written within your schedule

IRS: Full-Report by end of this week.

I&E: Come up with problem statement and underlying problems + criteria for evaluation of best solution.

Geography: (Preparation for next lesson)

Case Study of Krakatoa Volcanic Eruption.

CHOO ONE: Where is the Krakatoa located on the tectonic plates map?

CHOO TWO: Since volcanoes form when oceanic crust subducts, which plates and what type of plate movement cause Krakatoa to erupt?

CHOO THREE: Questions we can ask about Krakatoa.

Do not that if you do not finish the questions we are unable to watch the documentary.

HCL: 私人电邮(题目大家应该都已收到)

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