Friday, 3 February 2012

3/2/1 .... 2! 3rd February 2012

1. Sign Maths Class Test 1
2. Read Gradient of a Straight Line (Geometry WS 2 )
3. Algebraic Fractional Manipulation (For revision, Answers to be posted in Math Blog) [sst2012-s201maths.blogspot.com]

1. Do corrections and hand up to ms lim if u get lower than 12/16 for the inference worksheet
2. Prepare for the debate on 8/2/12 History period

1. Finish up Oceanic - Oceanic Plate Divergence Wk and probably scan the worksheet into the E-journal.
2. Read Notes "Plate movements"

1. Give a ending for the Story "The Necklace" from page 5 and onwards. Remember to give a twist :D
2. Watch "Partly Cloudly" for entertainment but also know their behavior and appearance, also know how does them tell you about the characters (Mr Cloudy and Mr Cloudy's Stork) *Also could compare with other clouds and other storks

Higher Chinese
1. 准备听写 (6/2/12)
2. 写作文 ,(一首歌/一本书/一张照片让你回忆)
3. 随笔 (二) 课本 Pg 22 (Credited to Sandy)
4. 倒叙法练习纸,并于2012年2月6日(星期一呈交。 (Credited to YiDe.)
5. 例外的功课在 [yaphuimin.pbworks.com]

1. Do Target Setting and let Parents to sign it.
2. Be aware of your Sub-coms and start your duties :)

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