Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Homework for 14 Febuary Tussday

Individual Introduction, Literature Review & Hypothesis (See ISS Blog/ IRS Googlesite)

Do Maths revision worksheet and check the answers.


Take pictures of three diagrams of plate movements today and put it in e-journal.

Do corrections for english essay (read comments too)


1) In pre-production of a video, What is THE most important aspect/consideration to ensure its success, and why?
2) In production, explain how shooting technique impact a video?
3) How do you manage the differing expectations from your team members in a video production?

All questions are to be answered in Pages.
Reflect each question with at least 40 words.
File name: Reflection1_Name_Class
Submit reflection to ADMT Submit folder.
Due Date: 17th Feb 2012

1. 人物心里描写练习(2月20日交)
2. 作文改正(如果有注明)
3. 读《猪笼饼的回忆》(课本第39,40页)

Please bring foolscap paper, graph paper, calculator and ruler tomorrow for the Maths Test.

Good luck for the Maths Test and have a Happy Valentines Day ❤!

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