Monday, 26 March 2012

Homework for 26/3/12

For Poon:

CE: Pledge for earth hour. Check your SST email for the google doc Mavis shared with you.

Chinese: To those that have not finished or have not uploaded your E-learning recordings. Do it ASAP. Also remember to comment on the PBWorks 缩写练习

the for those who have not done so.

English: Complete the comprehension.


- For those who have not completed the E-journal 5A, do it before the next geography lesson.

Compile the notes that you and your partner have taken down during class about the 2 volcanos video. Check the google site for links to watch it again.

I&E: Complete the prototype and social innovation report.

Math: Optional worksheet given last term

Performance tasks remaining: Science, Math, I&E, English/ADMT

Sorry for posting so late. Comment if anything is missing.

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