Thursday, 5 April 2012

5th April 2012 Homework

ishani,  i exchange days with you? i thought it was my turn today... I thought qh post ytd... thankyouverymuch :D

Download the document and do up a presentation about whether you are for/against/agree to a certain extent for the school jacket.
Complete Personification Handout

Complete 05A (e-journal for plate tectonics) and find photos and diagrams in the Volcanoes E-journal

Complete reflections for HCL pt.

Do cubes and cuboids worksheet. Due next week.

Complete worksheet for Dichotomous Key.
Storyboard due on Monday.
Upload keynote slides onto the science blog.

I have a very baaad memory these days so might have missed out :D comment to add~~~

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  1. Science

    Activity 3 of Worksheet 1 (Read the slides uploaded and select 3 groups of organisms and provide 3 facts that were not mentioned in your group's research. Post your findings in the comments section)

    EL 2

    Post written engaging hook ( the one about choosing a topic, Ms Ng teaching about different crafting "hook" techniques ) on to EL 2 Facebook group.