Monday, 9 April 2012

Homework 9/4

Heey guise, I came home back because of cca so I hope you're not mad at me for posting the homework...? :D

Geography- The questions :
  1. What are earthquakes?
  2. What causes earthquakes
  3. Are all earthquakes dangerous? What faIctors influence the destructiveness of earthquakes?
  4. What are some destructive impacts of destructive earthquakes?
  5. How can we reduce the destructive impact of earthquakes?
  6. What questions are geologists trying  to answer in their research? Why? **
  7. Examples of mega earthquakes.
And the earthquake video (to answer the questions) is in the geog googlesite so that you can answer tha questions

Maths- The worksheet that Matthew's group (cube&cuboid) to be handed in by tomorrow and visit the math blog for the extra question ^~^

English- Go english Blog and see.

Science- You need to hand up the two worksheets (Biodiversity and Dichotomous Keys) tomorrow so remember to complete it ~

Chinese- I believe that Mavis knows it (Y)

And for the rest, try finishing all your PTs (esp. ADMT, it's due week 4 D: )

I might be missing out a few things/incorrect OTL but if so, please remember to comment! Tyvm~ :D


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