Monday, 16 April 2012

Homework 16/4/2012

These are the homework from today and past week

Maths: Complete all assignment handed out by the various groups
Science: *Yi De requested this* Prepare for common test, topics are
- Classification system for living organisms (5 kingdoms)
- Dichotomous Key
- Biotic and Abiotic adaptations
- Photosynthesis
- Transport in plants
Higher Chinese: Prepare for Ting Xie 10th lesson for tmr
Geography: Complete your individual notes on the 6 questions on earthquakes
ADMT: Take note that this week is the submission week for the videos and journal

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  1. Science- complete worksheet 3 by Wednesday
    - File all worksheets into Red Science file by Wednesday

    ADMT -do Individual Reflection (Post Production) to submit folder and Peer Appraisal (Google form) by 23 April Friday 3pm (See ADMT Facebook Group)

    HCL: complete 小练笔(四):中学生应不应该穿校服上学?if you havent give it to Mavis