Thursday, 26 April 2012

Homework for 26/4/12 :)

1. Finsh Yo-lan-da Comprehension BY tomorrow (27/4/12)

1. Do the epicly "important" Worksheet (Coming up on Common Test [?] ) 
2. Mass Lecture on 30/4/12 1pm to 3pm Auditorium
3. Self-study / Consultation with Mr Yeo in his private room on Wednesday and Thursday (2/5/12 - 3/5/12) 

1. Do corrections of SBQ from the marked scheme from submit folder from ms lim .
2. Revise Revise Revise for the things revised today. 

1. Do the practice paper given on Monday (23/4/12) . Answers would be put on on googlesite tomorrow [?]
2. Make notes or..... get shawn kit's notes.

1. Do the practice paper given on Tuesday (24/4/12) and will be marked tomorrow (27/4/12) . Allocate 1h 30 min.
2. Filing must be done before the day when Chinese Common Test commence. Bring it on the day... Please comment on the day it must be given..

1. Check all your worksheets / assignments from the googlesite from Mr Ke and file accordingly but not compulsory to hand in soon...
2. Mr Ke's last lesson.

1. Revise for Common Test
2. Check your calculator / dictionary are valid for the Common Test... they disallowed some

Owen here.

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