Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Homework for 4/4

1. Draft 2 of storyboard due next Monday (9th April)
2. Worksheet (What is a Key Question)
3. Post the keynote presentation of the Key Characteristics of the Organisms in the 5 Kingdoms onto the Science Blog
4. Activity 3 of Worksheet 1 (Read the slides uploaded and select 3 groups of organisms and provide 3 facts that were not mentioned in your group's research. Post your findings in the comments section)
*Note for 3&4 is only if you have not done so. 

5. Complete the English handout on Visual Text by next english lesson (If you have not done so)

EL2 (Oral Comm):
6. Write ‘hook’/introduction to your choice of topic (found in Google site)

7. Finish your volcanoes e-journal. 
8. Finish your 05a worksheet on plate tectonics by week 6 (it will be used for revision)

9. Those who will be presenting tomorrow/soon, please be prepared :D 

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