Monday, 16 July 2012

Homework for 16/7/12

Higher Chinese:
1) Workbook, page 1~10
2) Practice for ting xie (17/7/12)
3) 公务电邮练习

1) Finish your journal on the google documents by next friday

1) Those in-charges, please do what you're supposed to for the bazaar~

1) Math worksheet questions (Mr Yeo said that he would post it on the math blog(?))

1) Prepare your video with subtitles and voice recording, complete it by next Friday

1) Complete your essay writing by Wednesday (Download the format from Google Site)

That's all, and study for level test, hwaiting \^_^/

P.S. Yide asked me to help him post because i think he's still on the way home~ 

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